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Numa Pompilius, the second of the seven traditional kings of Rome, added two more months, for a 12 month year. Gaius Julius Caesar, as Pontifex Maximus supreme bridge-builder, a religious title , reorganized the calendar on the first day of 45 BCE. Today totals 2 in modern Western numerology. See the article on two for more information.

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Second Quarter: The moon is in the second 2nd quarter waxing gibbous in Scorpio. The Moon is void of course from the last traditional aspect in a sign to the ingress into the next sign. Moon void of course is a time of distractions and miscommunications. Things started during Moon void of course tend to sputter and fail. Moon Enters Sagittarius: Lunar Ingress. The Moon enters the sign Sagittarius at p. Second Quarter: The moon is in the second 2nd quarter waxing gibbous in Sagittarius.

Planting: The Moon makes this day excellent for planting. Fishing: The Moon makes this day excellent for fishing. Scorpio Rewarding: This day in is rewarding for those who are Sun sign Scorpio because the Moon is in your Sun sign. Taurus Challenging: This day in is challenging for those who are Sun sign Taurus because the Moon is in the sign opposite your Sun sign. Exciting time. Emotions positvely in action. Ritual to Bes.

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Man and woman well aspected. Easy time with the opposite sex.

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Time for serious thinking. Meditate on true spiritual nature. Help those in need. Perform magick and ritual before the Moon is void of course. Originality and creativity spells. Time for originality. Be original and influence others.

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Ritual to Bast and Sekhmet. Time of optimism, possibly Overly optimistic.

Ritual to Ra. Scarlet: The magick color for this day, based on planetary influences and the day of the week, is scarlet. You may want to burn a scarlet candle or wear some scarlet this day. Geranium: The magick incense for this day, based on planetary influences and the day of the week, is geranium. You may want to burn geranium incense this day.

See also the article on incense. An American source for high quality incense is Mountain Rose Herbs. A British source for incense is Pagan Magic. Fourth Last Quarter: The moon is in the fourth 4th quarter waning crescent in Cancer. Hecate Moon: Lunar Greek holy day. On the last day of the lunar month the day before the New Moon , the Greeks honored Hecate , the Goddess of Witches, by leaving a small meal on altars at crossroads.

These meals were eaten by the poor or animals note use a paper plate, because any plate must be permanently donated to Hecate. Occurs today in Many modern Witches and Wiccans volunteer to help distribute food the poor on this day. Other modern Witches and Wiccans organize food drives or donate food for the poor on this day. Portal Plus from Facebook Buy It. Google Home Buy It. Kindle E-reader Buy It. Allbirds Buy It.

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MiaDonna Buy It. Nordstrom Buy It. From Our Partners. This glorious human created a massive list every person should know about getting rich. Thousands do this to save on interest you can too. Scroll to continue with content AD. Today and Tomorrow Horoscope Lucky Numbers. Light blue to any blue color is the most ideal and lucky color for 4 borns.

Scorpio Traits, Personality And Characteristics Born between October 24 and November 22 is the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio is a feminine, fixed, negative, water sign with two planetary rulers Mars, god of war and Pluto, lord of the underworld.

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This zodiac color should be used for objects that are sitting in places where these natives spend most of their time. Those who were born on their lucky days are bestowed with exceptional talents, some are very clever, and some can spend their whole life peacefully. Wearing these lucky colors brings inflow of money and wealth along with inner peace and calmness. Thursday, 07 November, It is not easy to carry around that sort of energy, control it, and be calm about their feelings as some other signs might be.

Red: Red is the most auspicious and lucky color in feng shui. The planet of good luck, Jupiter won't return in your sign of Scorpio for another 12 years. There are lucky days for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Scorpio: tomorrow's free horoscope is available with our advice on love, money, mood, and work, plus a review of the stars!

Access your free and complete daily horoscope drawn up by Valerie? Love ,?. The Scorpio Woman will find herself lucky with a Leo Man as a life partner. Lucky numbers are female 2 and male 7. Get your free Scorpio horoscope emailed daily.

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Finding lucky lottery numbers with your horoscope might help you win the lottery or just bring you a bit more luck. So just relax and take a deep breath because you will soon know, your lucky color! Created by: Kayla. Being a Scorpio you have great charismatic power.

He can make her feel secure, and this allows her to become intimate on an emotional level.

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Tip of the Year: If you are looking for an idea to enhance romance in your relationship, then place two pink or red small pillows on your bed, as according to Feng Shui number 2 two and the colour red or pink are combination of symbol of love. Lucky numbers are 20 and Lucky Color of Scorpio: Red and violet are the favorable or lucky colors for Scorpions.

Check out the Scorpio Horoscope for tomorrow on Astrology. Scorpio Daily Horoscope: Free Scorpio horoscopes, love horoscopes, Scorpio weekly horoscope, monthly zodiac horoscope and daily sign compatibility Read all of today's Scorpio Horoscope, including the Daily Outlook and Romantic Compatibility. If you do not know your moon sign then please click here to Know your Moon Sign Rashi. These colors in jewelry are like rubies and garnets. Nature: The Scorpio sign people are highly intuitive, somewhat secretive, emotional, sensitive, artistic and highly romantic by nature.

The Find Lucky Numbers in Birth Date article talks about birth date lucky numbers and has an information graphic depicting how to do the calculations to reveal them. A Scorpian man is ruled by Mars. Sagittarius Lucky Stone. Scorpio is a feminine sign, which means, Scorpio people are more receptive than active. Today's lucky color, locky colours by zodiac sign, today's advice, general luck, love luck, work luck, money luck, horoscopes, zodiac, Chinese horoscopes, daily horoscope, AsiaOne brings you the essential news and lifestyle services you need.

Beneficial colors are royal purple and sage green. Repeat after us: It's all right to cry.